SME Payroll Services

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Payroll cut-off

Why outsource payroll?

Outsourcing is now a proven way of gaining efficiencies, especially for SME who are starting up in Singapore or are regional companies who are not set up with a local HR team to perform local payroll. Companies with the profiles below may want to consider such services

What we can offer

By outsourcing payroll, SG1 allows you to focus on your core business by taking away all the administrative headaches associated with paying your staff on time, while ensuring taxes and miscellaneous reports are submitted accurately to the government.

Accurate On-Time Payments

Guarantee on-time and accurate salary payments for your employees every month

Full Compliance to Regulations

Ensure full compliance with all relevant internal policies and governmental regulations

Time to Focus on your Core

Reduce the work that you had to do to less than 20%, effectively freeing up your time for your essential tasks

Happy Staff

For staff, when payments are on-time, they are a given. But when payments are late, things start to change.

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