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Searching for a new home can be overwhelming, especially if you are just moving into Singapore. Figuring out how much you want to spend on rent, deciding if you need a room or a whole apartment, would all take time and energy. Co-living spaces has become a popular alternative to traditional housing options for renters, be it Short term (3 months minimum as per Singapore’s rules) or a Long term (Year long) stay.




Co-living would work well for people with but not limited to the profiles below. If you would like to know more, contact us today.

Available Co-Living Spaces

SG1 currently Co-Living rooms for rent in the locations below for your consideration:


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Serviced Living with All the Conveniece

Fully Furnished Homes

You could move in with just a suitcase.

Weekly Cleaning of Common Areas

You take care of your space, we take care of the rest.

Utilities Included

You do not need to worry about settling electricity and water bills. Pay only if you exceed agreed limits.

Wi-Fi Included

You can just move in directly without having to worry about how to sign-up for connectivity or be tied down by connectivity contracts with broadband providers.

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