Contract Staff Parking Services

We hire the staff and second them to work on your projects

What is contract staff parking

What is Contract Staff Parking Services

You may have a need to hire a staff in Singapore, either for a client project or for your company’s internal project. However, due to various conditions, you may not be able to hire the staff directly. So what can you do?

Basically, Contract Staff Parking Services means SG1 becomes the employer of record. For your projects, you can “park” a staff with SG1, where SG1 becomes the contractual employer taking care of all regulatory requirements and staff needs in Singapore, and where the staff remains under your companies supervisory management for work related matters. 

Such solutions would work well for companies with the profiles below. If you would like to know more, contact us today.

Duties we take over

We hire the staff

Whether Client Referred or SG1 Recruitment, the staff will be hired under SG1's employment contract

Ensure Local Compliance

As the employer, SG1 would take over the administrative duties such as payroll processing, year end tax filing, along with any other regulatory needs that comes with the staff

Controls that you keep

Management and Supervision

You decide how the parked Contract Staff works

Duration of use

You decide the duration of the project

Promotions and Raises

You get to acknowledge your Contract Staff's contributions and enhance retentions

Plan and Scale-up

You can scale up or scale down easily

Benefits for your business

This service allows you to ramp up quickly. Whether it is headcount freezes, lack of an entity or some other reason, our service allows you to work on your business without the legal headaches associated with employment administration.


Maintain supervisory powers in the management of the staff on your projects


You can refer a staff for hiring or engage our recruitment services


Ensured compliance with local labor regulations


Test new markets or work on client projects without establishing a local presence

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